From passion and rich imagination comes Crush, and from Crush, the inspiration for Beneath The Kite malbec.

The History of Us

Two quiet achievers unite

The Man

Having crafted wine for over twenty-five years, Mark Messenger is more comfortable with the shadowy spaces of wineries and cellars than the glare of public attention. However, the wine industry’s giddy spotlight has often hit this less conspicuous Mark acknowledging his great achievements through the years:
  • Consistently winning medals and trophies with each vintage;
  • Nomination for Gourmet Traveller’s 2014 Winemaker of the Year;
  • Inaugural winner of the Wine of Provenance trophy for Juniper cabernets at the 2016 Margaret River Wine Awards, backed up the following year for wines made for Heydon Estate.
Mark receives accolades with humble gratitude. While recognising his ability to produce outstanding wines, they also trim the wick on his burning passion to consistently put wines of quality and character into bottle.

The Grape

Malbec is a varietal wine grape with a chequered past. Following great suffering at the hand of frost and disease in its native home of France it migrated to South America and fell into servitude. It slaved for pittance, unappreciated and unloved in Argentina, ultimately under threat of being ripped from the ground before being embraced and nurtured, firmly establishing rapport. It found a happier home in Margaret River; the region’s penchant for cabernet sauvignon keeping it from harm as tradition dictated it was a valid inclusion in Bordeaux inspired blends. In the spirit of the pioneers that settled these parts, winemakers have been exploring the merits of malbec both within blends and as stand-alone styles ever since.

... and so it goes

We have always enjoyed exploring varietal wines, particularly the more obscure. During Mark’s nine years of employment with Cape Mentelle in the 90’s he was introduced to zinfandel which led to our first collaboration, Zinful. Seven vintages of spicy, plummy fun later, the time was right for a new adventure. During the Cape Mentelle years, Mark produced a malbec. He remembers a barrel of dark, jammy lusciousness made as a trial, never destined for commercial sale which was enthusiastically received by the workers. In a dynamic and competitive market, there is little joy in following trends. We decided malbec hits the spot, fashionable or not.

The Team

Meet the people behind Beneath the Kite
Vikki Messenger
Vikki Messenger


Creative, disciplined. Loves words, wine and watching her son grow. Believes we should never stop exploring our potential.

Mark Messenger
Mark Messenger


Passionate, determined. Crafting life and wine in Margaret River since 1990. Embraces the nuances every vintage brings.

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