Beneath The Kite – The Wine – Malbec

My existence may have tenuous links to a work of fiction, but once my creator explored my potential, I was never going to be denied.

Winemakers know what varietals  offer. When harvesting batches of petit verdot, merlot, viognier, malbec or any other varieties that may be included in a commercial blend, they keep them separate, developing an appreciation of what makes them sing.

Most wine enthusiasts don’t have access to these oak barrels tucked away in winery cellars, so purchasing varietal wines is their only opportunity to explore.

Having produced seven vintages of small batch zinfandel (Zinful), the author and the winemaker were ready to tackle something new. Picking the winemaker’s brains for possibilities for the book, malbec appeared, appealing to them both. While the author wrote about it, the winemaker took a more practical approach.

The winemaker explored malbec vineyards, finding an interesting parcel of fruit on a vineyard owned by a winemaking colleague. In 2016 he purchased the first grapes and Beneath The Kite malbec stepped out of fiction into reality.

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